About GlobalstarIt starts with leading engineers striving to launch the world's best satellite system, and ends with a simple connection between people. A conversation. An exchange of ideas and information.

A lifeline that not only serves the efficiency and profitability of a company, but the well-being of individuals and entire communities.

We help people do their work better, faster and smarter. Allowing them to take advantage of opportunities and overcome challenges, so that every job can be a job well done. And every time, they can return home safely to tell about it.

We enable more goods and services to get produced and delivered to all corners of the globe. From wood to build a school in Pakistan, to stacks of sheet metal that keep a Michigan factory churning. From seafood that makes a small restaurant famous, to oil that keeps a large fleet running. From resources that impact the GDP of a nation, to food and water that aid in rebuilding another.

We do our small part to ensure the world keeps communicating, because we know it's not just gravity that makes the world go around. It's you.