Ice Eater

Ice Eater
OUR MISSION is to conduct our business with integrity and dignity. We are committed to producing the most dependable products possible using the finest materials available. We will produce the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly equipment possible in order to protect our fragile earth.

HISTORY: The Power House, Inc., formerly known as Lipman Electric Company, was established by the late Sam Lipman in 1947.

The company operated in Baltimore, Maryland as an electrical construction, electric motor sales and repair facility. In 1968, the Blumenthal family acquired Lipman Electric and renamed the company, The Power House, Inc.

The Power House, Inc., through one of its employees, developed a unique method of melting and preventing ice buildup around boats and piers.

In 1978, the United States patent office awarded The Power House, Inc through its employee, a patent for the Ice Eater. With the ability to direct water flow through its venturi design, the Ice Eater began to change the landscape of the boating industry. No longer did marina owners need to haul all their boats out of the water during winter months. They finally had a viable option to the less than reliable compressor systems.

The first Ice Eaters were 1/3-hp units that drew 12.5 Amps.

The original goal of The Power House, Inc. was to provide a dependable, affordable and efficient "insurance policy" for marinas, waterfront property and boat owners.

Why risk losing an expensive dock to a hard winter freeze or seeing your expensive boat damaged or destroyed by ice if someone offered a simple and reliable solution?

In June of 1986, a person complaining about fish kills on a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay prompted The Power House into action. We designed a flotation collar to go around the Ice Eater. The first day we began operating the Ice Eater in her creek was the last day any fish died. By the end of the summer, species of fish that hadn't been seen in a decade were returning.

We sent a sample of our product to Auburn University to be independently tested. Shortly after receiving impressive results, we began selling our equipment as aerators to the fish farming industry. Our goal was to produce the most effective aerator for generating the highest volume of oxygen transfer at the least cost of purchase and operation as possible.

Not wavering from our mission statement, The Power House, Inc. has developed and built many new and more energy efficient units. Today we produce a 1-hp unit that operates at 8.2 Amps at 115V, (4.1 Amps at 230V), and generates more than 1150 gallons of water flow per minute.

We were the first company to use environmentally friendly dielectric lubricating fluid instead of hydrocarbon based oil in all our products. We use only the finest materials available in the production of our MADE IN THE USA equipment. We refuse to cut corners just to save a few dollars.

Since the introduction of The Power House, Inc. aerators in 1986, we received repeated requests to make our products into fountains. We have responded to our customers’ requests and we are proud to introduce a variety of fountain designs with optional lighting accents.

We have manufactured tens of thousands of Ice Eaters, aerators and fountains. Since we began production in 1978 we have had less than ½ of 1% of our products returned for warranty repair.

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