We believe that the sale of a product represents a commitment - A commitment from the manufacturer to the purchaser, and all the way to the end user. Lumitec is committed to delivering performance, reliability, quality, and unparalleled support in all facets of our products and our business. Our reputation in this area among top builders, resellers, integrators, and end users speaks for itself. In our tireless pursuit of excellence, we benchmark against standards, leverage best practices, and constantly innovate new techniques where necessary. 

Founded in 2007, Lumitec was conceived, designed, and built to leverage new technologies in the development of innovative, high value products. This concrete vision of who we are shapes everything about our company: the products we build, the markets we serve, the team we recruit, the tools and equipment we invest in, and even our physical environment. 

We remain committed to achieving the top objective in our company mission statement: "....To Provide Exceptional Value to our Customers..."


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