Wave WiFi

Wave WiFi

For the past eleven years, Wave WiFi products have been providing long-range Internet connectivity to fishermen, sailors and cruisers worldwide. More recently, Wave WiFi products have streamlined broadband source selection and management aboard yacht and commercial vessels through the introduction of the Marine Broadband Router (MBR).

Wave WiFi products offer outstanding performance because of the proprietary firmware technology embedded in each unit. The firmware permits the computer user to use the web-based interface to scan for public HotSpots (access points), select a HotSpot that will provide Internet connectivity and connect to that access point. For the MBR, the intuitive interface shows at a glance which of up-to seven broadband sources are active and permits management of the connections.

All Wave WiFi products support 802.11 b/g/n and are compatible with all operating systems (OS). There is no software to install, no USB restrictions and no power-robbing USB connections. This means, when the Wave WiFi unit is connected to a wireless router, numerous wireless devices aboard the boat can have Internet connectivity.

Wave WiFi EC-HP models now offer MIMO technology. Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology takes a single data stream and breaks it down into several separate data streams and sends it out over multiple antennas. This provides redundancy and results in increased data throughput and range, improved link reliability and less fading, and increased wireless capacity.

Today’s Wave WiFi products represent the on-going evolution of mobile WiFi and provide greatly enhanced performance and functionality. Our commitment to providing the highest degree of customer satisfaction has made Wave WiFi the #1 name in marine WiFi.

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