Bennett NMEA 2000 Trim Tab Indicator Kit

Bennett Trim Tabs


See the position of your trim tabs on your NMEA 2000 compatible multi-function display or gauge, GPS/chartplotter or sonar. (Display not included in kit.) One-year warranty.

Compatible with NMEA 2000® compliant electronics. IMPORTANT: Contact your electronics manufacturer first to verify compatibility. To determine compatibility, ask if the manufacturer has 1) Implemented the trim tab portion of the NMEA standard (ability to view the tabs), and 2) Enabled the ability to configure calibration (see movement of the tabs).

The kit comes with (see numbered items in photo - click here for enlarged photo):

1) White plastic clip - used to snap on actuator piston shaft when installing new upper hinges with sensors
2) Red butt connectors ? used to connect sensors with the NMEA1 Module
3) NMEA1 Module ? connects Bennett trim tab sensors to NMEA-compatible electronics
4) Upper Hinges with coil (1 with red sensor wire and 1 with green sensor wire) ? measure trim tab position
5) Two sensor rods ? measure trim tab position