Railblaza Transducer Arm XL


SKU: 02-4086-11-W-RAI02408611

Railblaza Transducer ARM XL

Model: 02-4086-11

The Transducer Arm XL is designed for kayaks and canoes with high freeboards, and dinghys with a solid transom allowing easy retraction and removal of the depth sounder transducer. With this kit you can install and uninstall your fish finder transducer in a matter of seconds. No messy adhesives or excessive drilling of fittings required.

With their extensive selection of mounts (not supplied) this arm can be adapted to fit any kayak, canoe or dinghy.

They recommend to retract if doing speeds over 8 knots.

NOTE: The transducer arm does not come with any Mounting Ports.

What's in the Box:
  • 1 x SwivelPort
  • 1 x Adjustable Knuckle joint
  • 1 x Extender arm
  • 4 x Cable ties,
  • 1 x Mounting screw