SHURFLO Standard Flow Marine Ballast Pump - 12 GPM amp 12 VDC - Bronze Housing


SKU: 3300-101-C-69000

Standard Flow Marine Ballast Pump - 12 GPM & 12 VDC - Bronze Housing

The Shurflo Standard Ballast Pump was specially designed and developed for high capacity ballast tank applications in ski and wake boats, providing rapid fill and drain rates in a readily adaptable configuration, able to operate on a 25 Amp circuit. The high efficiency, high torque motor in combination with a high modulus neoprene compound impeller provide fast priming, long life, and consistent performance. Close internal tolerances help reduce leak back when the pump is mounted below the ballast tank. The Standard Ballast is built on the latest Shurflo motor series which includes fully sealed heavy die cast end bells, electro-coat finish throughout, and a steel mounting plate for reliable performance and durability in engine compartment conditions.


  • 2 VDC Sealed Corrosion Resistant Electro-Coated Motor
  • 14 AWG Lead Wires
  • Reversible Flexible Impeller
  • Bronze Pump Body
  • Self-Primes up to 4 feet vertically
  • Ports: ½” Internal Pipe Threads,
  • 1” External Hose Barb
  • Ignition Protected
  • CE and IMCI certification

Pump Design:

  • Type: Reversible Flexible Impeller
  • Ports: ½” Internal Pipe Threads, 1” External Hose Barb
  • Liquid: 200°F [93°C] Max
  • Prime: 4 Feet [1.2 M]
  • Run Dry: Not Recommended


  • Motor: 12V DC Permanent Magnet,
  • Intermittent Duty
  • Protection: Need External Fuse (not supplied)
  • Leads (Red): 14.5” [0.36M] Tinned 14 AWG
  • Leads (Black): 12.5” [0.31M] Tinned 14 AWG
  • Fuse: 25 Amp Fuse Recommended
  • Control: No Control – External Switch required


  • Housings: Bronze
  • Impeller: Neoprene
  • Hardware: Brass/Stainless

Agency Approvals:

  • USCG Electrical Standards 183.410
  • ISO 8846 Marine for IGNITION PROTECTION on gasoline power vessels
  • CE and IMCI certification