Sitex CVS128 8.4" Color LCD Sounder With Out Transducer



  • Dual-Frequency (50/200kHz) operation with digital signal processor (DSP) for a clearer image that enhances fish targets in shallow and deep depths, plus auto function for the most reliable setting and best performance
  • Boasts 1000 or 600 watts with 8 ranges from 10-3600'.
  • Exclusive Sona-Tone identifies what's under your boat with different sounds for fish and schools of fish.
  • Stores up to 10 screen images in built-in memory for recall later. RGB output for connecting optional external VGA monitor.
  • High-speed pulse rate transmission of 5000 times per minute for enchanced shallow water detection.
  • Other features: anti-reflective display, easy operation, auto fishing/cruising modes, audio/visual alarms, Fishing Hot Spot function leads you back to your favorite fishing hot spots with GPS sensor input, IPX5 waterproof rating, over-head and built-in flushing mounting. 10.8~31.2 VDC
    SI-TEX CVS-128 Digital Echo Sounder- Specifications


    8.4" TFT Color LCD (640 x 480 pixels)

    Display Colors

    8, 16, 64 or monochrome

    Power Requirments

    10.8 ~31.2V DC.

    Power Consumption

    25w or less at 12V DC

    Operating Frequency

    Dual Frequency 50/200 kHz

    Output Power


    Background Colors

    Blue, dark blue, black, white, nighttime and 5 other colors

    Display Modes

    High frequency, Low frequency, Dual frequency, Zoom image, Nav mode, A-Scope (can be added all above modes), left and right divided

    Zoom Modes

    Bottom lock, Bottom discrimination, Bottom zoom, Zoom, Sea Bottom, Partial zoom

    Depth Ranges*

    8 ranges from 10 to 3600'

    Zoom Ranges

    10 to 650' (23 steps)

    Audible Alarm

    Fish, bottom, depth, temperature**, speed ***, arrival****, XTE****

    Image Speed

    9 levels plus stop
    Image Shift Auto or Manual (0 to 1000')
    Auto Functions Depth range, Shift and Gain